20 years TV1

20 years TV1

20 years ago engineer Rumen Kovachev founded TV1 Broadcast Company and began stubbornly, with knowledge and potential to build and upgrade his activity. So up to these days TV1 Broadcast Company already owns the most advanced High Definition mobile TV stations, two DSNGs, covering the requirements of the EBU and UEFA for the highest quality of the signal, modern TV studios, cameras and installation stations. Besides the high-tech equipment of a production company, TV1 could boast with invaluable know-how and uniquely co-working, professional teams.

At the anniversary celebration the new TV complex was shown - built according to all technological requirements and care for nature, situated on over 1500 sq. m. in a beautiful and ecological area of the capital.

Emphasis of the celebration was the presentation of our latest acquisition of the 3D Augmented Virtual Studio set. This is a world-class live virtual studio.

Many friends, colleagues and stars honored with their presence the TV1 celebration and wished Mr. Rumen Kovachev and the team health, many more anniversaries, new technological and professional peaks and, of course- always satisfied clients and new friendships.

The students Alexander Zayranov and Victoria Marinova from the class of Professor Mario Hosen from New Bulgarian University, the Rhodopean nightingale Neli Andreeva, the wonderful jazz singer Vessela Morova took part in the music program. The unforgettable culmination of the party was the splendid fireworks in the sky over the new TV1 complex.

For many years to come!