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System Integration Outside Broadcast Solutions

Outside Broadcast Solutions

System Integrations

Global Approach, Individual Solutions

TV1 offers solutions for new installations and existing system upgrades. In particular we are experts at providing solutions for Studios, Outside Broadcast Facilities, Transmission and Automation, Master Control Rooms and Broadcast Cabling. Our SystemIntegration Division was established in response to customers' requirements for more permanent installations. Previous experience of TV1 Broadcast's and excellence in temporary installations gave customers the confidence to choose TV1 Broadcast to provide their permanent facilities.



Our system integration specialists provide consultancy on your entire project, advising on the best use of products and new technology to provide the most appropriate and cost effective solutions to meet your objectives. The team is experienced in both large scale and complex projects. Our standards are of the highest levels and projects are based on the selection of skilled staff, meticulous project and logistics planning and tight budget control.

Engineering Expertise

TV1 Outside Broadcast employs some of the best system engineers and technical support staff in industry as we recognize that engineers are the backbone of our business. We select high-skilled and qualified personnel only with great experience in system engineering background and we make sure they are always well-informed of the latest technologies and system design developments and principles. The result is a technical team possessing integration, maintenance and operational experience across the whole broadcast range. With this in-house team of engineers, working daily on broadcast projects, the company's technical expertise is second to none and clients benefit from support and access to this expertise.

Project Management

The key to a successful project is down to planning and management. Projects are run by our experienced Project Managers who select their team from our pool of high-skilled engineers. Our expertise and broadcast abilities allow us to create realistic plans, timescales and work schedules without any adverse effects on existing broadcast operations. Client involvement is encouraged at all stages to make sure we deliver what you want.

Budgets are a key consideration and our experience allows us to guide you in making the right purchasing decisions to give you the results you need whilst giving value for money without false economies. As a result we design budgets that are realistic and cost effective to the client, with no surprises.


The final commissioning of any system requires in-depth knowledge of all the various components to ensure that the final product fulfils its expectations on both operational and technical levels. With a passion for broadcasting, all of us at Gearhouse Broadcast aim to stay up to date with all the latest developments in the broadcast world. This intimate knowledge of broadcast equipment coupled with the strength and depth of the Gearhouse Broadcast engineering team allows us to fully configure, test, fault-find and generally "de-snag" the system prior to customer hand-over.



10 Years TV1 - Leading providers of outside broadcast services. For news, sport, corporate or entertainment events TV1 will ensure that the crew, equipment and satellite space are expertly matched to your needs.


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