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Outside Broadcasting, Outside Broadcast Units

SOLUTIONS Support system

We can provide any required solutions or service based on your specific requirement.


Full HD camera sets

Up to 20 sets for reality productions. “Survivor”, “Master chefs”, “The Farm” are our typical activities. Complete solution video, audio, file management and high skilled crew.

Live TV studio

TV studio, TV room, up to 4 HD Cameras, crane, autocew, playout, CG and complete TV crew.


Point to point static or mobile High quality video/ audio transfer. Anywhere 3G/4G Mobile transfers for live TV programs. Last generation compression algorithm optimizes bandwidth and speed of IP connections.

Robotic cameras

robotic camera

BRC-H700 combines a high picture quality HD 3CCDs cameras with pan/tilt/zoom mechanism, wrapped in a sleek, compact body. Nice solution for ceiling mounting, free operator position, POV…

Live Streaming

New encoding and streaming system alow to broadcast from anywhere live TV programs, cooperative events, partyes... Easy st up and high quality video over specific or personalyzed websites.

Super SlOW MO

Complete Super Slow Motion solution with 3 phase – 2 x HDC 3300 cameras, Wide range of HD Fujinon lenses from 4,5 mm up to 85 x TV zoom, Orbiter tripods .The system can be loaded in cases or in VAN with complete monitoring, intercom. TV crew - specialized in live sport coverage - cameramen, SSM operator.


Steadicam up to 15 kilo camera

Eagle stabilization system (up to 15 kg load), HD/SD LCD monitor, Wireless headphones, Wireless RF link HD/SD. This system is ideal fitted with range of SONY HDW/PDW Cameras. Steadycam operators available.

Cammate Crane Pantograph


2 - 15 meters adjustable length. PAN/TILT/ZOOM/FOCUS/360 degree precise controller. Load up to 12 kg camera on board. Tally and HD monitor available.

ABC Crane Pantograph

2,5 to 9 m easy setup and one man operation support system.

Teleprompting Service

robotic camera

TV1 Teleprompting Service We provides a variety of different services such as on-camera, off-camera etc.
- On-Camera
Teleprompter Displays that are camera mounted.
- Off-Camera
Teleprompting Displays that are used separately from the camera position.
TV1 provides you service with the teleprompting operator and equipment.

Power Generator

Easy to transport trailer silent power generator. 48 KVA high efficiency Perkins 1500 RPM diesel.




10 Years TV1 - Leading providers of outside broadcast services. For news, sport, corporate or entertainment events TV1 will ensure that the crew, equipment and satellite space are expertly matched to your needs.


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